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Q: Will this bag rip in time or is it not likely to rip easily?
A: It seemed to be of sturdy quality to me. I used it as a gift bag and gift all in one and it held up for that.

Q: Can these be customized to just say the names and the wedding date?
A: Yes, It is!

Q: Do most people put the first initial of the first name or do they put the first initial of the last name on these bags?
A: You could do either but I did first.

Q: Would I be able to use fabric paint to put handprints on this?
A: I would think so since it's a canvas type bag.

Q: Do the colors from the handles run when washed?
A: I washed it didn't run!

Q: Do most people put the first initial of the first name or do they put the first initial of the last name on these bags?
A: I have the first initial of my last name but I would say this is personal preference.

Q: For my daughter's teacher should I put the initial of her first name or initial of her last name?
A: First is what I did but you could do either.

Q: How many water bottles can it hold with out breaking or ripping? or how much weight in supports?
A: I put a 6 pack of water inside for a trip and it held up.

Q: What are the measurements of this bag?
A: Length: 9 1/2 inches Width: 14 inches I love my bag and I know you will love it Too!

Q: How would this bag function for a weekend trip?
A: Perfect, I'm thinking of getting one for myself! Gave it as a gift.

Q: Is the canvas pre-shrunk or can I not wash it?
A: You can wash it. I saw that in an earlier review before I purchased it.

Q: how do your order the letter 'A'?
A: Search for it specifically.

Q: Are all the letters embroidered?
A: Yes!

Q: What are the dimensions of the tote?
A: length 17 1/2, depth 7 1/2, height 10 1/2, handles 6 1/2

Q: Is it comfortable to wear on the shoulder or is it more to be carried by hand?
A: It is more likely that it would be carried by hand rather than a shoulder bag.

Q: Where is this product made?
A: India

Q: Does this bag stand up on its own? Or is it flimsy?
A: Yes! It's really sturdy!


Q: Is the bag blue and white or black and white?
A: Black and beige canvas. Love this bag.


Q: Is this a good everyday tote?
A: Yes! I love it!


Q: Is it waterproof? or water resistant?
A: No. It’s canvas. (Fabric)

Q: I would like to purchase this bag with no monogram. Is that available?
A: Yes, You can purchase blank one.

Q: Does this bag have a zipper?
A: No it does not. I is an open top rectangle bag, great quality and very handy for groceries, farmers market or anything you might need to carry. Sturdy. I love this bag and have purchased a second one. The first one is about 6 years old and still in great condition.

Q: I keep tearing the cheap reusable plastic bags. Can I stuff this with heavy things without tearing the handles off?
A: Yes, You can!


Q: Do you have this bag with the letter “Y”?. I need for my bridesmaid
A: Yea they have. I got with the letter M

Q: Do you offer this bag without the initial?
A: Yes!

Q: What’s the size of this bag?
A: Medium size, big enough I think. I never measured.


Q: Is the item durable?
A: Yes. Very sturdy and well made. Thick material. Holds a fair amount of weight as well. I was very impressed with quality of purchase.

Q: Is the handle and bottom black or dark blue?
A: Black handle and bottom.

Q: How long to ship?
A: It takes 2 Days for processing and 2-3 Days for shipping.

Q: What is the width of the bag?
A: I gave them away but it is like a regular shopper tote bag that you could bring to the beach or travel with or use as an overnight bag. sorry I can’t give you exact dimensions.

Q: What size is the bag?
A: 17 inches by 10 inches. It fits my work papers, laptop, lunchbox and much more.

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